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How to Reclaim Your Health Through Homeopathic Dieting

What if a safe, effective homeopathic glycoprotein complex formula could be used to decrease your total body inflammation, enhance your immune function, and detox and cleanse, even as you were reducing 5218548excess weight?

I’ve been able to help a number of my patients do exactly that through a trusted homeopathic program called SHAPE ReClaimed.™ This practitioner-supervised program is supported with more than 30 years of clinical experience using homeopathy as a bio-regulatory medicine.

Six-Week Plan

The program takes place over six weeks, utilizing a synergistic combination of homeopathic liquids, digestive enzymes and probiotics, where the homeopathic drops actually work to reset your metabolism so you can burn as much as 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day of your body’s stored fat.

A restrictive-calorie diet is introduced during the first three weeks, and no starches or carbohydrates can be consumed during the second three-week period, where fats are slowly re-introduced back into the body and calorie counts are brought back up to 2,000 per day. I’ll have you in to my office to be nutrient-tested and weighed every other week to make sure you’re on track, and urine, heart rate and blood pressure tests will also be required during each visit.

Outstanding Results

This diet, which is also known to cure eating disorders, has produced amazing results because it burns your body’s reserve fats and stored fats without touching your body’s structural fats and works by resetting diencephalon of the brain—I’ll explain what I mean by “resetting” the brain in a moment. It’s a different way of thinking about a diet: Most diets work by burning your body’s three types of fat in a different order; namely, they seek to burn the reserve fat and go right for the structural fat without ever touching the stored fat until you feel like you’re starving.

The homeopathic drops reset the brain and mobilize the stores of fat in your body, so that the fat is constantly circulating in your blood stream. This, in conjunction with the restricted calorie diet, causes the body to burn 3,500 to 4,000 calories day, while reshaping the body and resetting the brain.

Why You Won’t Gain It Back

What I mean by resetting has to do with the reactive nature of the brain. For example, the body weight of someone engaging in bulimic behavior will constantly fluctuate up and down. As a result, the brain is tricked into thinking the body is starving for years at a time and learns to live—or tell the body to live—on very few calories.

You don’t regain the weight on the SHAPE ReClaimed™ diet because your brain will be reset by the time you are finished, telling the body to metabolize food at the normal speed of 2,000-calorie diet.

Next Steps

If you’re considering this diet you’ll need to to come in to my office for a physical evaluation and learn more about how the diet works. I would then get you started on the probiotics and digestive enzymes and give you list of things you’ll need during the diet, such as scales to weigh food. On the second visit you’ll receive the homeopathic drop and the booklet you’ll use to carry out your diet.

If you’d like to learn more please feel free to reach out at drsevensky@optonline.net, and you can also visit the SHAPE ReClaimed™  site t to read testimonials and gather more information so you can make an informed decision.

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  • Pat Ritch November 11, 2013, 5:42 pm

    I find Dr. Susan’s information invaluable and most helpful. Her years of experience treating patients with the most current, non-toxic methods, keeps her on the “cutting edge”.

    Dr. Susan’s warmth enhances her compassionate, caring and interested demeanor. I would highly recommend Dr. Susan Seven-Sky to all wishing to avoid invasive, toxic procedures which compromise safety and well-being.

  • Betsy Arnold November 15, 2013, 6:23 pm

    Over the past 3 years Dr. Sevensky has helped me almost eliminate chronic fatigue, frequent infections, environmental allergies, pin point food sensitivity and I have lost 35 lbs !!! If your like I was in the past, elimination of certain foods may seem impossible, but as Dr. Susan helps guide you to the foods and nutrients your body needs, it actually becomes easy.

    As a special note, I have found it unbelievably easy to eliminate all sugar (with the exception of very small amount) and Carbs (except fruit and Vegetables) very easy, if you add some raw greens (I use the nutirbullet) and then just eliminate them all at once until your body heals and you can add some back at the right time.

    I have been feeling good most of the time, and almost GREAT some of the time, by eliminating all the gluten/dairy/sugar and drinking greens almost daily..plus:

    I started with the Paleo Diet (protein, veg, no grains/sugar, small fruit before meal) which is basically what you have been telling me to do for 3 years..(I’m a little slow) and wow! I am really feeling good.
    I lost just about 10 lbs in 4 weeks. a total of 35 since I started working with you. I also just started reading “Primal Body Primal Mind” by Nora Gedgaudas, which explains almost everything you have been teaching me about digestion, HCL, lots of research about gluten/soy and on and on…

    So wanted to say “Thank You” for all the many ways you have helped me to recover from what was a very sad way of living. I hope to come in for a check up soon, I’m just so happy that, its Autumn and I’m not bothered much by the allergens, and so far haven’t gotten sick….YEAH!

    With much love, Betsy Arnold

  • Dr7Sky October 13, 2017, 6:32 pm

    To address a question I received (this is Dr. Sky) about “HCG causing blood clots,” these drops are NOT HCG…..they are completely different than HCG ( which they were supposed to remove from the market)
    I am sure someone is still trying to sell it out there…but this is extremely monitored weekly, urine tests to tell us if you need more protein or fruit, or minerals or water or pink algae salt.
    In addition, you will be getting liver & gallbladder support to help with the breakdown of fat…..
    The reason the blood gets thick & clots is because it is trying to remove toxins…
    Fat is a combination of toxins….it is an inflammatory response…
    So the fat is where the body stores; metals, chemicals, pesticides, plastics…ect
    When you start to break down fat the blood gets thick with toxins….it needs to go to the liver for filtering, much like an oil filter in the car
    but at a certain point, it cannot handle the overload of all of the toxins, poisons coming to it from the fat breakdown …..normally it will secrete enough bile to surround the toxins & cause it to exit through the gallbladder……However, when there is too much toxins & the filtration system gets filled up…..it starts getting stuck in the common bile duct…..then the gallbladder cannot do its job……It can no longer breakdown the fat into tiny molecules or expel its contents into the bowels
    It works similar to soap on a greasy dish….but if you run out of soap…..the grease or fat remains & so do the toxins…..
    Especially any women who has ever been on birth control….she has a permanent B-6 deficiency…..
    So what does B-6 do for the gallbladder?…..it gives the GB the energy it needs & assists with the contraction so it can empty the toxins from the liver into the bowels…..that contraction creates peristalsis…..
    Peristalsis is the movement the smooth muscle of the bowels performs for the evacuation of the feces…..but what if the body is lacking B-6…..then the
    Bowels back up….then the toxins cannot exit the system…….so what happens then?
    The body starts to recycle the toxins…..they send them to the kidneys….kidneys send it to the spleen for filtering the blood, but if it is too dirty…it re-cycles….dirty blood….which gets thick like the dirty motor oil in the car….thus clotting…..
    So this is always monitored….now the question remains…..affordability of the nutrients that you would need to support this process throughout the duration of the program,,,,
    And we will not know what they are until I test you (on the machine & by hand)
    …. exactly what your body needs to start the process…and what it will need a few weeks into the process & beyond….
    So it is a huge investment in time on my part as well getting you to have a healthier life all the way around.
    I hope this addresses your concerns….& understanding of the process…
    This is NOT a weight loss program, it is an anti-inflammatory program which will help every organ, system & gland in the body to be more efficient….
    The weight loss that occurs is a benefit of reducing inflammation…..A WIN, WIN!!
    Dr. Susan

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